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The Rise of Neighborhood Care in the USA

Globally, HCPs and Payors are crucial to the Healthcare industry, representing the Clinical and Commercial essence of the industry's relationship with its end customers, respectively.

For over five years now, GRG Health has been leveraging its own panel of HCPs and Payors to deliver findings about their challenges and expectations in regards to US Healthcare.

The demand for our panelists' insights has practically doubled since #covid2019 emerged - not only the #KOLs but even frontline professionals have been solicited at an unprecedented rate in a bid to help our key clients get a better sense of how US Healthcare can become more inclusive and 'future perfect'.

Recently, during extensive interviews, we have noted that both HCPs and Payors are showing the highest-ever level of interest in ensuring "bottom-up access to Healthcare" especially in ethnic communities and poor neighborhoods across US.

Both HCPs and #Payors are also aspiring to achieve an ambitious goal - that of earlier engagement with consumers' #Wellness (and not just in illness) so they are better cared for before they fall sick.

Our panelists (esp. Payors) consistently indicate that they are looking at neighborhood establishments like Community #Drugstores and #Pharmacies as potentially indispensable to this aspiration, gathering and sharing crucial data with the industry so it can be actioned proactively.

Since some of our clients have already started reaching out to these neighborhood pharmacies after we shared these findings, we know that they are listening.....are you?

Contact us for more insights and credible research support on key considerations in US Healthcare.


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