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Scale and optimize your research process with dedicated off-shore analysts

GRG offers plug and play research solutions to consulting and market insights team at corporates. The Insights As A Process model offers dedicated off-shore team of analysts to work on on-going research topics for clients. The suite offers cost efficiencies, scale-up/scale-down ease and ready healthcare talent pool from GRG's team of healthcare analysts

Scope of Coverage – Synergistic Research
Our IAAS suite of plug and play offerings covers a broad coverage of the following research themes.

Analysis And Insights

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, and deriving insights based-on primary/secondary research and can provide facts-based recommendation

Market Access 

Pricing and Reimbursements, Budgeting and Funding, Key Stakeholders Involved

Stakeholder Insights

KOL Identification, KOL Profiling, Influence Mapping, Stakeholders Insights for Market Access

Market Intelligence

Industry Trends, Product Launch, Prescription Trends, New Concept Testing, Physicians Perception, Market Assessment and Evaluation, Forecast, etc.

Competitive Intelligence

Market Share Analysis, Company Profiles, Pipeline Analysis, Sales Force Estimation, Sales Approach, Product Profiles, Key Stakeholders, etc.

Intelligence Monitoring

Offers detailed monthly/ quarter update for key technologies/products vis-à-vis competitors across the segments/ countries

Growth+ Onco

A powerful global insight book on tumor. Not just comprehend and track insights but discuss it with the world of cancer leaders globally.

Rapid Research

Consulting solutions and market insights turned around within tight timelines

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