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Growth+ Knowledge Services

Our knowledge services offer on-going insights generation through dedicated teams and specialist driven process. GRG's knowledge archives and specialized processes of delivery helps clients scale and optimize their marketing intelligence initiatives.

KOL Identification and Profiling

Identify and profile opinion leaders across custom requirements. Map influence of KOL’s regionally and nationally.

Healthcare firms across the globe are exploring the need for effective KOL management strategy from a global standpoint as one of the key strategic area for their annual growth plans. ​GRG’s KOL circle of experts provides new thinking on thought leader development by its prowess in KOL identification and management.



A tailored approach for KOL identification brings strong value to our customers in understanding the opinion leader landscape for

  • Drug Development Process

  • Key marketing feedback

  • Product launch

  • Brand establishment

Our key offerings includes

  • KOL Nomination Surveys

  • KOL Identification 

  • Opinion Leader Profiles

  • Digital Profiles

  • Influencer Mapping

  • KOL Insights

A powerful global insight book on tumor. Not just comprehend and track insights but discuss it with the world of cancer leaders globally.

GROWTH+Onco is a propriety subscription based intelbook that offers comprehensive and actionable intelligence and expert insights on solid tumors as well as hematological malignancies. Growth+Onco covers 30 different types of tumors

Growth+Onco also connects subscribers to cancer experts across the world to discuss key topics of relevance. Our clients speak with researchers, market experts and market access professionals across the world as part of their subscriptions.

Growth+Onco also enables subscribers to custom insights based upon their requirements. GRG’s analyst team also work with clients on adding extra insights depending upon the type of their subscription.

Key Specifications

  • Acquire not only the basic and essential information about the tumor, but also a detailed description around many fundamental data elements like key gamechangers, emerging treatment landscape etc. that will aid in planning key clinical and commercial developments and BD&L decisions.

  • Stay updated with all the prevailing dynamics of the tumor world.

  • Obtain comprehensive form of all the information collected through in-depth research and the insights drawn from data analysis of the facts and figures gathered through secondary and primary market research (enriched with expert insights around the globe* yielding the overview of global perspective).

  • Procure all the data in one consolidated report and avoid referring to the multiple sources and citations


Growth + Logistics

Supply Chain Research. Identify, shortlist and profile potential suppliers/market. Negotiate on final terms with the supplier. Make informed and happy deals. Save on budgets!

Offers to shortlist of potential suppliers/market to negotiating on final terms with the supplier – of the supply value chain to make the best strategic move which facilitates the profit-making without compromising the quality.

Supplier Evaluation

  • Supplier Identification

  • Supplier Risk Assessment

  • Request for Quote/Price Collation

  • Supplier Landscape and Positioning

  • Strategic Positioning in the Market

  • Competitive Ecosystem Analysis

  • Sourcing Strategy Development

  • Demographic Studies


Strategic Sourcing

  • Spend Analysis

  • Strategy Support Solutions

  • Cost Structuring and Analysis

  • Low-cost Sourcing Strategy Development

GRG is one of the very few research firms that has a dedicated team for health insurance. We have worked extensively in the global expat market, product profiling and customer onboarding experience studies.

GRG’s health insurance research team has been delicately working on insurance studies since 2017. Our insurance team has been able to support clients on wide variety of offerings including:


Our Health Insurance Insight's KITs includes

  • Brand Assessment

  • Customer Experience

  • Product Development

  • Market Opportunity

Respondent Coverage

GRG understands the wide segment of Healthcare Insurance hence has 360* coverage all the stakeholders involved in the segment (use infographics)

  • Insurance company employee

  • Foreign Students

  • Hospital billing department

  • Medical Visa Consultants

  • Brokers

  • Corporate Staff

  • Expats/ Foreign workers

Health Insurance Insights

Short Term and Long Term Trends For Hospitals in a Post COVID World

GRG Health in collaboration with LEK Consulting, Singapore has been rigorously tracking the impacts of the COVID19 outbreak on hospitals across China, India, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.   

The biweekly survey with hospital administrators and doctors aims to monitor the increased burden on national healthcare systems and how innovatively are hospitals and clinicians dealing with it.

The surveys are a valuable metric to track the evolving needs of hospitals as the situation further unfolds. From the collected data, we can identify some definitive short-term changes across the market landscape, which are paving the way for long-term trends to emerge.

Interested in latest editions of the survey? OR Looking to customize the survey with added information topics to suit your needs? 

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

A GRG Health and LEK Consulting 5 Editions Bi-Weekly Survey 2020-2021

Rishabh Bhawsar
VP, Research
GRG Health, Singapore

Fabio La Mola
Global Healthcare Sector Co-Head, Asia-Pacific and Partner L.E.K. Consulting SEA/India

Manan Sethi
Partner, Director - Insights
GRG Health, India

Stephen Sunderland
L.E.K. Consulting, Shanghai

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