About Us

GRG Health (A Growman Group Company) is an awarded, global healthcare knowledge services and market research company headquartered in Pune (India) with offices in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Boston (USA) and Singapore. 

Investing in the future

AI and Evolving Technologies

Pre-Launch AI Engine To Optimize Healthcare Market Insights Process

GRG Health is working on developing machine learning models that can be implemented in traditional insights gathering and analytics approach. Our dedicated team of data scientists are working with a few clients on pilot run of our AI engine.  

If you are a life sciences/healthcare company and would like to explore how our pre-launch AI systems can optimize your business processes please email us at joyce.dsouza@grgonline.com

Our People

Manan Sethi.JPG

Manan Sethi

Partner, Director, Market Insights

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Rishabh Bhawsar.JPG

Rishabh Bhawsar

Vice President , Global Services 

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Dr Sujoy Dutta

Vice President, Life Sciences Consulting

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Yash Sharma.JPG

Yash Sharma

Head Of Business Development

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Dipti Gogate

Leader, Market Insights

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Tanvi Bahl

Leader, Research Services

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