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GRG Health is not just a provider of market research but an enabler with an eye to the future

On multiple occasions, this future-focussed approach has allowed GRG Health to deliver proactively on emerging needs.

That's how even before this pandemic put the limelight on Healthcare delivery, we - with our sister concern Tattvan e-clinics, were already pushing the boundaries of conventional Healthcare delivery.

Using an approach that synergizes GRG Health’s skilled marketresearch with the Telemedicine capabilities of Tattvan, we had started identifying disadvantaged, far-flung locations for planting our feet (literally), providing the population in these areas with face-to-face access to world-class Healthcare professionals......think of it like a world-class home call where a physician sitting in say, Apollo Lucknow consults with patients in far-off Chattisgarh (Kusmi? Basen? Rajgarh? name the place and we're there!)

With covid2019 putting recurrent brakes on Mobility (and Access, Availability, Finances and.....well, Resources, in general), it is very satisfying to see how GRG Health’s market research and Tattvan's presence are enabling care delivery to the poorest and the farthest......for once, a patient's bottomofpyramid status is not a barrier to top-quality healthcare.

Thanks to this on-ground presence, GRG Health is able to generate deeper (and richer) insights about the local Healthcare landscape, driving informed decisions to produce better outcomes.....for e.g. did it occur to you that with fluorosis being consistently reported in some states, the Fluoride toothpaste may be potentially adding to a problem(?).....and a specialist consulting to make people aware of other options in these states isn't just helping oralcare but improving population health outcomes?

But the best part is that the foregoing isn't just restricted to India.....both GRGHealth and Tattvan have a global presence, delivering results that make a difference!

If you need research services, niche population health data, or just wish to learn more about how we are expanding the Healthcare footprint, drop us a line and one of our team will reach out to you ASAP.

Have a great festive season.....


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