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Finding answers to difficult questions in Oncology... exactly!

Clients often learn a lot about how 'exactly' to optimize their strategy based on the insights generated from GRG Health’s primary research.

For e.g. let's say that you (the client - leading pharmaceuticals major) have a strong oncology drug in your portfolio that has a lot of strengths going for it like:

1. Robust clinical trial data covering hard-to-treat patients that are also high-risk (including suboptimal resection that potentially indicates poor prognosis)

2. Strong survival scores (progression-free survival) in this high-risk population

3. Powerful performance that is validated by an independent subgroup analysis of the most volatile patient population (of the already high-risk trial population)

But for some reason, you don't seem to generate many prescriptions when put into the market - where your competitor's product (let's call it P) is a class leader with nearly 60% market share as L1 maintenance therapy in key Oncology indications!

You are worried about this....and know that the competitor company is preparing to strengthen its (near-absolute) leadership based on trial results where P is combined with another class-leading checkpoint inhibitor. So, effectively, your window of opportunity is narrow and closing fast!

So, when you come to GRG Health, you get to work with a team that knows:

1. 'exactly' which providers to speak with

2. 'exactly' what to ask about

3. 'exactly' where to probe in-depth and

4. 'exactly' what to deliver

Further, when the insights emerge, you find out 'exactly' why P is beating you (because of its relatively higher time on market and better awareness levels (vs. your product)).

And in just three weeks 'exactly', through just a few well-targeted interviews (N = 45, US) with 'hard-to-reach' providers, you have been shown 'exactly' what to focus on.....and how 'exactly' to tweak your strategy for better prescription turnout!

GRG Health felt that was rather helpful.....and that's what the client just told us, 'exactly'!

So, when you think oncology primary research (esp. Ovary, Breast, Lung and Colorectal), please feel free to reach out.....and if you are asking if you should visit the GRG Health website or drop an email for a quick discussion about your Research needs....the team at GRG Health would respond, "exactly!"


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