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Best fit - the secret of successful Key Opinion Leader Engagements

Healthcare has always been a field where the stakes are high – across its key areas (including diagnosis, treatment, and R&D), there is an intense focus on the preservation and betterment of human life. So, it is not surprising that enterprises operating in Healthcare are obsessed with data (and evidence), preferring to deal in Black & White rather than speculation.

Despite a clear preference for dealing in Black & White, Healthcare must regularly confront and address relatively grey areas that have significant implications for human life. Typically, these grey areas exist because relevant data are either unavailable (such as in the case of a new illness), emergent (maybe a newly approved drug) or a case of “work in progress” (such as in-trial drug candidates).

In such instances, enterprises engaged in Healthcare actively seek the informed opinion of individuals who are highly regarded by peers and industry on account of their experience and knowledge. These individuals, referred to as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), are widely sought after on account of their credibility and strong influence, playing a decisive role in the fate of enterprises and innovations (including drugs, therapies, and interventions).

Enterprises across the Healthcare Value Chain pay a premium to solicit and engage with KOLs, leveraging them to achieve strategic and tactical advantages through a host of activities, incl. advocacy, public lectures, and clinical reviews. However, it is critical to identify the right KOL in order to achieve the maximum benefit from such engagements.

GRGHealth provides KOL Identification Services through its “Growth Plus Connect” offering, covering a wide array of disease indications on a global scale. KOLs are identified based on multiple attributes incl. area of expertise (disease area/therapy or treatment area/developmental area such as clinical trials etc.), geography (local/regional/global), Abstracts and Speaker topics, influences & affiliations (incl. peer networks), years of engagement/practice, publications (incl. peer-reviewed journals) and social media footprint. Frequently covered areas incl. Neurology (incl. multiple sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy), Ophthalmology, Rheumatology, and Respiratory Disorders.

While KOLs serve as a crucial part of the overall strategy for any Healthcare enterprise, finding the right KOL is the secret to achieving the best fit and outcomes.

GRG Health – a dedicated provider of market research services in Healthcare is well equipped to help you in your search for the ideal KOL – so, if you are looking for a credible research partner, drop us an email or leave a comment and someone will connect with you shortly!



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