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Powerful Market Insights From Thousands Of Healthcare Professionals

High quality post COVID market insights from our global panel of healthcare opinion leaders.

Read through our latest survey findings on "COVID19 Impact on Hospitals in APAC"


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GrowthMIX Fieldwork

Data collection methodology customized to your needs and consisting multiple approaches to high quality insights

Therapy Area Research

Ground level insights on treatment flows, pricing and reimbursements, stakeholders mapping, product pipeline analysis and much more

Brand Trackers

Prescription Trends, Brand Recalls, Marketing Intelligence and much more through real time brand trackers

Competitive Intelligence

Gather expert insights and ground-level intelligence on target players


Unprecedented Opinions. Impeccable Reliability.

Connecting healthcare leaders with organizations through world’s fastest growing healthcare knowledge exchange ecosystem

GRG's maintains a database of healthcare experts globally with a significant representation of all specialties.


Through Growth+Connect we offer rapid introductions to global KOLs across various verticals for short and long term consultations. Our Growth+Connect leverages GRG's network of qualified opinion leaders and connects them with organizations around the world

GrowthMIX Approach

Our GrowthMIX approach offers a custom mix of multiple methodologies suited to the complexity of the study

Short Term and Long Term Trends For Hospitals in a Post COVID World

GRG Health in collaboration with LEK Consulting, Singapore has been rigorously tracking the impacts of the COVID19 outbreak on hospitals across China, India, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.   

The biweekly survey with hospital administrators and doctors aims to monitor the increased burden on national healthcare systems and how innovatively are hospitals and clinicians dealing with it.

The surveys are a valuable metric to track the evolving needs of hospitals as the situation further unfolds. From the collected data, we can identify some definitive short-term changes across the market landscape, which are paving the way for long-term trends to emerge.

Interested in latest editions of the survey? OR Looking to customize the survey with added information topics to suit your needs? 

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

A GRG Health and LEK Consulting 5 Editions Bi-Weekly Survey 2020-2021

Rishabh Bhawsar
VP, Research
GRG Health, Singapore

Fabio La Mola
Global Healthcare Sector Co-Head, Asia-Pacific and Partner L.E.K. Consulting SEA/India

Manan Sethi
Partner, Director - Insights
GRG Health, India

Stephen Sunderland
L.E.K. Consulting, Shanghai

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Experiential Insights.


KOL Identification and Profiling

Oncology Intel Book

Logistics and Procurement

Health Insurance Research

Optimize your economies of scale for market insights processes

Our knowledge services offer on-going insights generation through dedicated teams and specialist driven process. GRG's knowledge archives and specialized processes of delivery helps clients scale and optimize their marketing intelligence initiatives.

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