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Unusual rigour – the GRG Health difference in Research

Sometimes, a new client wants to know what makes GRG Health different. So, GRG Health sends out a suitable presentation which satisfies clients at least 80% of the time.

However, sometimes clients ask for, GRG Health sends out parts of a recorded interview that has been cleaned to prevent identification of the end client or related material information of commercial interest.

One such example is as follows:

Client Q. So, what kind of work have you done in Oncology?

A. GRG Health has significant experience in Oncology and can share a presentation to offer more information.

Client Q. Okay great.....but what makes GRG different versus (name's some other company)....?

A. Well, our team understands the space quite well....and that is clerly reflected in our interviews even.

Client Q. I see.....can you share a sample, please?

A. Yes, we can share that as an audio file.....

The sample (excerpt from a past in-depth interview conducted by a GRG team member with a key respondent, usually an experienced oncologist):

GRG Interviewer: "Dr. , thank you for your time....we wanted to focus our discussion on gathering your views about p53. I am sure that you already know that p53 is one of the tumour suppressor genes that has been subjected to very comprehensive research and investigation, resulting in some experts referring to it as the guardian of the genome because of its pre-emptive correction of spindle-specific mutations to prevent nondisjunctions!

We wanted to understand your perspective on how this gene is affected by missense mutations.

<Respondent input masked>

GRG Interviewer: "Okay great, Dr. Now, based on your inputs, do you think it is possible that the site of this missense mutation could act as an oncogene and a predictor of therapeutic response?"

<Respondent input masked>

GRG Interviewer: "Okay, Dr. , further to your inputs, do you think an analysis of whole-exome sequencing (WES) output for p53 can yield credible answers? Also what do you think about adding a review of other mutations (including specific driver gene mutations) to that?

<Respondent input masked>

GRG Interviewer: "Okay, Dr. , so if we were to think on the lines of exonal mutations - the coding parts, of course for entities like CDKN2A, FBXW7, NOTCH1, using NGS, what can we expect, according to you?

<Respondent input masked>

GRG Interviewer: "Okay, Dr. , so would we find any in the typical sites like the hotspot in the DNA-binding domain?

<Respondent input masked>

GRG Interviewer: "Okay, Dr. , and what about findings regarding the transactivation domain?

<Respondent input masked>

GRG Interviewer: "Okay, Dr. , so finally, what are your thoughts about the potential correlation between the earlier-discussed and clinical outcomes?

<Respondent input masked>

Usually, the recording is supported with a transcript for the sample to be understood better......

Usually, the recording assures the client about GRG Health as an unusually rigorous research partner.....

Usually, if you leave us a comment (or send us an email), someone from the team reverts within 24 hours to discuss your needs!


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