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Research on Fenugreek

At GRG Health, we often find that what our research reveals is eventually confirmed by sundry unrelated sources (though at a somewhat later date).

Recently, #research conclusively showed that a solution of #Fenugreek and water (popular as "Methi water" in Hindi) is helpful in #weightloss (please note that #galactomannan induced fullness in the GI tract is just one aspect here) and even supports insulin sensitization (with implication for #glycemiccontrol and #diabetes).

The news about that research on Fenugreek was carried across public channels incl. this one:

However, well before this news appeared, GRG Health had closed an in-depth engagement for a key #client, identifying not just Fenugreek but many dependable/robust candidates that are supported by scientific evidence (for further R&D and incorporation into the client's own product portfolio).

As this was an in-depth engagement, GRG Health found not just the ingredients but their core nutrients/components (like the Galactomannan in Fenugreek, for example) also, ranking them based on evidence, #expert inputs and #KOL opinion, sharing the findings with the client in a report that is currently being used for product creation.

GRG Health also posted a short summary about that engagement when the client permitted......if you missed it, check here: .

Traditional Medicine (incl. #Ayurveda, #Unani, #Siddha) and #Homeopathy (the pillars of India's #AYUSH initiatives) serve as rich sources of many such ingredients....if you are looking for more insights about them, reach out to GRG Health.

Read more about Fenugreek (and Galactomannan) below.

If you need a credible partner for your #Research needs, visit our website or leave us a message.....we will get back to you at the earliest!


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