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Nibs and Ribs – GRG Health’s Project portfolio

GRG Health is a young organization with a roster of clients that literally make a difference to patients’ lives and treatment paradigms.

It is a delight to know that we have served so many of these champions so often that an entire line-up of our engagements is internally referred to as “Nibs and Ribs”.

The name caught on because of the therapy in focus – ranging from Nibs or Inhibitors (comprising subsets like the “tinibs” - Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors like Sunitinib and Lapatinib etc and “anibs” - Angiogenesis Inhibitors like Vandetanib) to Ribs or PARP Inhibitors (comprising therapies like Olaparib, Rucaparib, Niraprib ,etc).

It seems that as the team at GRG Health focused on serving leading clients, the name “Nibs and Ribs” turned into a popular reference for the projects – helping GRG Health evolve unique insights about the therapies they represent.

For e.g. did you know that for some of the “Ribs”, suboptimal awareness among providers is a key restraint for prescription volumes? Well, that’s just one of the insights the team came up with while handling these engagements….meanwhile it seems that the set “Nibs and Ribs” will expand soon to include JAK inhibitors – blame it on covid2019 – which has led to the evaluation of Baricitinib for managing affected patients.

GRG Health doesn’t mind the addition – after all, it's an opportunity to add one more happy client to the roster!

In other news, GRG Health is enthusiastic about ESMO2021 kicking off…..that’s not just because of the GRG Health clients who are in virtual attendance but also because a “Nibs and Ribs” project closed in 2019 has become a forerunner of good news for Triple Negative Breast Cancer in ESMO2021!!! Unfortunately, client confidentiality prevents further disclosure but then, to the smart reader, one hint is enough….right?

To know more about such stories and how GRG Health can help your research, reach out through the website or the email and someone from the team will follow up ASAP.


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