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GRG Health – MR, CI and DA – at one stop!

GRG Health is a research partner to leaders in global healthcare……delivering updated and cutting-edge results for a diverse range of indications and therapies.

However, GRG Health does not restrict itself to just market research…..that’s because holistic answers need holistic approaches.

So, if a client wants to know how physicians view (perception mapping) a new therapy, GRG Health provides market research services.

Sometimes, besides market research, KOLs are requested for validation, so GRG Health adds its KOL mapping services to the list.

Then, if a comprehensive discussion or roundtable is requested, GRG Health engages its senior leadership as moderators and adds focus group services to the list.

Now, if the client asks for insights about how other companies (and therapies) could fit into the landscape, GRG Health adds its competitive intelligence services to the list

Then, if the client also wants to know if this new therapy is being introduced to physicians in its target markets in an optimal manner, GRG Health adds its data analytics and salesforce mapping services to the list.

And since the client would also want all the information to be available in one place, GRG Health adds its report writing services to the list as well!

In other words, Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Data Analytics – all are provided at one stop…… and sometimes, when a solution developed by GRG Health is likely to have significant unmet need, the partners go and present about it to esteemed audiences at key events like this one:


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