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Healthcare in the new normal

The #pandemic has created an environment of uncertainty, leading to questions about a host of themes including:

1. Dynamics of doing Business ('new Normal' vs. 'Business as Usual or BAU)

2. Industry dynamics (esp. #Pharma, #Logistics, IT)

3. Geopolitics

However, the 'Top of Mind' theme is that of Health & Wellness (incl. #mentalhealth, longitudinal impact, collateral damage, prospects for remediation).

Recently, GRG Health conducted comprehensive interviews with industry-leading personnel, gathering their views on the 'Top of Mind' theme. We found that:

1. Virtual Care or VC (esp. #Telemedicine, Remote Monitoring) has gained long-overdue traction

2. Despite a break-down of 'BAU', Interpersonal ties & Provider perception are key determinants of patient choice, and may impact #physicians' practices

3. VC will likely move IT centerstage, potentially offering it controlling/ownership role in Healthcare

4. Though a strong wave of innovation is expected, few older technologies may actually gain greater market share than anticipated!

Based on interviews with 50 leaders (US + EU-Top 5), our findings are pivotal to inclusive #Healthcare Delivery at individual & community levels!

Contact us for more details about the findings and credible research support for your needs.


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