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Dependable therapies - Approaches and Ingredients

There are times when GRG Health has undertaken projects that have left a lasting impression on both the end client and the team that closed the project.

In February, GRG was approached by a client to address a unique topic - with all the attention being focused on #Immunity vis-a-vis covid2019, would there be a middle ground where "Mixopathy" is replaced by holistic Healthcare?

To find answers, GRG undertook extensive interviews with providers and KOLs across #US, EU Top 5 and some parts of SE Asia, asking for dependable therapies, approaches and ingredients that could be, at provider discretion, combined to deliver favorably for patient health.

Through 200 interviews with providers in its dedicated, global panel, GRG Health identified 17 key developments (and ~60 ingredients/agents) that went beyond "Old wives' Wisdom", supported by Scientific evidence.

It was interesting to find that many of these developments and ingredients were already in active use by respondents who claimed to have consistently got good results too.

The report submitted to the end client was discussed in detail and some of the identified items are currently being reviewed internally for commercial potential at the client's end.

On the team's part, it was an eye opener that what our grandparents followed in our childhood was actually supported by #Science and not just cultural wisdom!

BTW, did you know that St. John's Wort - one of the items identified and evaluated - actually demonstrates #antidepressive properties that can be optimally leveraged if used in a certain manner? And that a little known seasoning herb can actually reverse #inflammation over time, boosting immunity in the process?

Contact us for more insights about these findings (incl. those deemed credible for commercial evaluation by the end client) and for credible research that supports your needs.


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