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Changes in childrens' screentime habits caused by Covid 19

GRG Health typically works with globally leading clients in pharmaceuticals and Healthcare where our engagements range from the simple to complex, keeping us interested, inspired and....umm...on our toes (!)

Besides, our engagements often deliver insights that are literally "breaking news".

In an earlier post, we pointed out about how a landmark development about the "Brain Computer Interface" was an expected development (that we reported to a client a little before it became breaking news).

More recently, we closed an engagement that led to yet another key finding that is likely to turn conventional wisdom on its head (when it's reported as breaking news at some point later in the day). 🙂

It is common knowledge that for children, higher 'screen time' (be it on television or cellphones) is associated (somewhat) with key demographic factors including lower levels of parental education as well as race/ethnicity.

That's also why screentime serves as a risk factor for physical inactivity that correlates positively with challenges around being overweight and/or obese. Expert interviews conducted by GRG Health across North America, Latin America and EU - 5 have confirmed this on multiple occasions!

However, while conducting targeted primary research with pediatric nutritionists in Community Health Centres in the US, GRG identified that because of a paradigm shift brought about by covid2019, that long-standing (albeit stigmatized) association between "screen time" and demographics is breaking down at a breakneck pace!!!

Now more than ever before, the "screen" seems to be eating into active lifestyles for ALL kids, irrespective of past trends.

Further, GRG noted a skewing of "screen time" overdose in a surprising segment (of children) that could potentially result in poorer metabolic outcomes, further burdening American society in the near future.

Interestingly, solutions focused on modified activity plans and simple dietary changes can go a long way in mitigating this. Unfortunately, though solutions are available for implementation, people suffer due to a lack of any coordinated efforts to drive awareness in the community.

Needless to say, now our client is keen on further engagement with GRG Health about driving awareness and uptake on how to mitigate screen time, forcing GRG to quicken its pace to deliver the current engagement sooner!

If you would like to learn more about the current insight or need a credible research partner for your research needs on healthcare/pharmaceuticals/related topics (including specialized nutrition), feel free to reach out to us.

Send us an email, visit our website or just leave a comment below and someone from our team will give you a call.

(P.S. If you are a business engaged with nutrition, Wellness, Obesity, or cardiac health, it's worth asking if and how the change in screentime consumption affects your key markets. We know the answer....and we're just an email away!!!)


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