The GrowthMIX Approach

We at GRG offer a custom mix of the below methods-

Telephone Consultations

Video Consultations (Twilio)

Online Surveys

Booster Interviews

We have been our client’s 1st responders on “hard to achieve” projects. Most projects in today’s time have a challenging part and hence needs a customized approach to achieve.

We at GRG, follow 3 tier hybrid approach to customize our methodology for a project.

Evaluate the needs and complexity of the project. Does this really need a hybrid approach?

Design a GrowthMIX approach that best reaches out to the target respondents.


We have completed projects where we used video interviews to conduct initial qualitative phase and then did the remaining via TIDI approach. Once we were in the quant phase, we used a mix of online and telephone to achieve completes on time. Studies that involve hard to reach audience is best completed via our GrowthMIX approach.

Booster Interviews via GrowthMIX design

  • We also throw in Booster interviews in hybrid approach as per clients requirements.
  • Booster interviews are the additional 1-2% interviews conducted by GRG after the 100% quotas are met.
  • These can be fresh interviews or follow ups.
  • Our clients use the Booster phase to enhance final results collected from the research and give fill up gaps wherever required in their final reports.
  • This is offered at no additional cost

Client on Consultation

  • Our clients love to come on initial calls to set the tone for the research.
  • This gives them 100% control of the data collection process.
  • We at GRG love to offer that to our clients via our GrowthMIX design


GRG CATI data collection team has multi-lingual and cross-functional domain expertise that helps in catering to the multi-geography research projects. The global reach coupled with seamless technology and our multi-national interviewing team executes research projects that conform to high quality. Our constant efforts towards increasing the quality of data captured live monitoring of calls, data checks performed by the Survey Quality team, regular training programs for researchers, best practice sharing amongst different teams etc. The following services offered further simplify the project execution:

  • Questionnaire Proofing
  • Survey Localisation and Translation
  • Sample Planning and Development
  • Multilingual support
  • Data Entry
  • Analysis and Reporting

With the in the shift in demand for online research over CATI, GRG and our partners recruited a global panel of decision-makers and influences across business functions and industries. The detailed profiling of our partner panelists helps us in targeting executives from various industries and helps in reducing respondent fatigue. We offer global sample services to our clients to execute research projects with a short turn around at an economical price. The following services are also offered as a bundle in Online Research:

  • Questionnaire Proofing
  • Survey Localization and Translation
  • Survey Designing and Hosting
  • Multi-lingual Surveying
  • Real-time Online Reporting