Objectives: To identify the KOLs in the field of myocardial infraction

  • To identify cardiologists involved in the P&T committee or formulary decision-making process for a myocardial infarction.
  • To identify any Key Opinion Leaders used during the formulary decision-making process for myocardial infarction or similar therapeutic categories in the health plan.
  • To identify any clinical experts in myocardial infraction who are advising the health plans
  • To identify any Key Opinion Leaders in myocardial infractions who are considered to be influential for health plans.
  • What important patient advocacy groups are the most important in myocardial infraction
  • What guidelines are often followed in the management and treatment of myocardial infraction
Geographies Targeted:
  • Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria and Algeria
Methodologies Used:
  • Telephonic Interviews
  • Research tool was a discussion guide developed in close collaboration with the client
Potential Respondent Type:
  • Cardiologists, General Practitioners

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