Growth + Health Insurance

GRG is one of the very few research firms that has a dedicated team for health insurance. We have worked extensively in the global expat market, product profiling and customer on-boarding experience studies

GRG’s health insurance research team has been delicately working on insurance studies since 2017. Our insurance team has been able to support clients on wide variety of offerings including:

To strengthen the brand relationship, GRG provides:

  • Support with the effective evaluation of the brand perception by engaging with multiple stakeholders.
  • Recruit and conduct the interviews with the right stakeholders to determine the influential factors of client’s brand and provide deep insights about the customers notion based on the primary research insights.
  • Suggests the best way to increase the effective communication with the stakeholders to ensure quality insights in order to develop the right marketing strategy to ensure a continued growth.

GRG support the brands to achieve success by making them aware of the customer’s opinion & thus act as a springboard for brand success. For this, GRG:

  • Designs research methodologies to meet the client’s need, that is, recruiting correct respondents, interviewing them and collate the responses into meaningful data.
  • support by providing the factors that can affect and help enhance our client’s business. We do this by the means of connecting with various consumers, capturing their experience while identifying the key drivers and barriers at the same time.

To increase product adoption GRG supports in providing insights regarding continuous improvement. To achieve this, GRG:

  • Engages with consumers and determine the unmet needs (ranging from features to benefits, packaging design, pricing options etc.), & analyze the data.
  • Identify the innovative ideas and provide suggestions to update the product, improve the services and fulfill the needs, thus support in increasing product adoption.

Maintain the top-notch position in the market, GRG helps brand to stay updated regarding the market. To attain this, GRG –

  • Conducts research and support you to understand market intelligence via passing knowledge about emerging trends, market developments, new technologies, evolving innovative ideas in or outside the product category, that will help for improvement and growth
  • Supports by providing insights on the best possible methods to meet changing consumer needs and identifying the road-map for growth.

GRG understands the wide segment of Healthcare Insurance hence has 360* coverage all the stakeholders involved in the segment (use infographics)

  • Insurance company employee
  • Foreign Students
  • Hospital billing department
  • Medical Visa Consultants
  • Brokers
  • Corporate Staff
  • Expats/ Foreign workers

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