Competitive Intelligence

“Your ability to learn faster than your competition is your only sustainable competitive advantage”. – Arie De Gues

Understanding the competitors and market scenario is not optimum until you know the complete story.

GRG’s “CI circle of researchers” join the dots through in-depth expert interviews with innovative desk research to create a holistic story of the market scenario and the competitors, which helps our clients in developing an effective business strategy.

Our CI information is populated across the following models within Pharma and medical technology verticals.

Portfolio Intelligence

  • Marketed Products
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Clinical Trial Tracking
  • Scientific Communication Tracking
  • R&D hiring’s, expenditure etc

Organizational Intelligence

  • Regional organizational dynamics
  • Key trends around top news and their sources
  • Regulatory developments
  • Claims, lawsuits, adverse events etc
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Sales Strategy Intelligence

  • Sales approach and channel partners management
  • Sales figures, marketing spends and unit vs revenue numbers
  • Sales structures and commercial priorities (available at Regional level also)
  • Competitor Customer Tracking (sales intelligence)