• To understand the sales structure and design of oncology portfolio in UK and Germany.
  • To gather intelligence on sales support for launching and commercialization of an upcoming immune-oncology drug.
  • To identify the launch strategy and the associated team for the drug profile across UK and Germany.


Primary Research

  • Designed and administered a 25-30 minutes long questionnaire amongst the Oncology-Business Unit Director, Senior Brand and Customer Managers, Regional Business Managers
  • Understanding the sales strategy for the launch of the immuno-onco drug.
  • Identified the proportional representation of Sales Representatives, Sales Managers, Brand Managers and Market Access & MSLs across the UK.

Key Information Topics Covered:

  • Gathered intelligence on timeline for market authorization and EU commission’s approval and collect intelligence on CHMP approval.
  • Mode of administration of the target drug profile, target indications for treating different tumors and dosage was identified.
  • Overall sales field force structure hierarchy in UK and Germany was unfolded on the national and regional level.
  • Identifying the launch plan and the team responsible for the launch of the drug profile in focus.


  • Research findings enabled the client to understand the strategic launch plan of the drug profile in focus along with recognizing the team responsible for the launch.
  • It enabled them to understand the market authorization and approval process of the concerned drug, along with the overall insights on how the commercialization of the drug would be managed by the respective therapy sales team across UK and Germany.

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