• Gather intelligence on manufacturing capabilities R&D and supply chain intelligence for competitor generic manufacturers A&B
  • Gather intelligence on launch readiness.

Geographies targeted : EU5 countries and the US.


Primary Research

  • Designed and administered a 25 minutes long questionnaire among R&D heads/managers, manufacturing heads/managers, brand managers and vendors.
  • Understanding the launch strategy of the contraceptive product of both the generic manufacturers A&B.
  • Identified the key launch milestones and to understand how many of those milestones have been achieved so far.
  • Identified the desired market share of the contraceptive products of both the generic manufacturers A&B.

Key Information Topics Covered:

  • Identification of API sourcing sites & fill-finish sites across US & EU.
  • Detailed assessment of product components utilised in production, component usage in the life cycle of development process of the product.
  • Intelligence on API sourcing, manufacturing and distribution sites involved in the process.
  • Identifying production capacity for each site, time estimation for launch and production.
  • Intelligence on launch timelines, launch feasibility & supply chain readiness.

Valuation Analysis:

  • Identified the research & development, manufacturing and supply chain strategies.
  • Key facts were provided in banner tables and major findings were delivered in power point presentation format.


  • Research findings enabled client’s client to better understand the research & development, manufacturing and supply chain strategies of contraceptive product by two generic manufacturers A&B.

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