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The GrowthMIX Approach

We at GRG offer the GrowthMIX approach to data collection for our most challenging projects. GrowthMIX refers to a custom mix of multiple methodologies to suit a project need.

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Know your competition

Gather expert insights and ground-level intelligence on target players.

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KOL Market Insights

Identify and profile opinion leaders across custom requirements. Map influence of KOL’s regionally and nationally.

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A powerful global insightbook on tumor.Not just comprehend and track insights but discuss it with the world of cancer leaders globally.

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Growth + Logistics

Supply Chain Research.Identify, shortlist and profile potential suppliers/market. Negotiate on final terms with the supplier. Make informed and happy deals. Save on budgets!

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Growth + Health Insurance

GRG is one of the very few research firms that has a dedicated team for health insurance. We have worked extensively in the global expat market, product profiling and customer onboarding experience studies.

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Insights. Experiences.

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